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The New Standard
in Gold Investments

Buy Gold Bullion products from Gold Producers directly using  Crypto Currency

African Bullion Exchange is the leading gold bullion Marketplace in Africa

Our aim is to level up the playing field and actively re-distribute the wealth in the Gold industry. We want to open up the market and make it more accessible to smaller investors.

Whether you’re a big or small investor, our marketplace offers a broad selection of gold bullion products to suit your budget. You can purchase 1oz Gold Coins, 10g Gold Bars or even 1kg Gold Bars.


Our vast network of African gold producers allows us to fulfil up to 1 tonne of gold bullion per month. Join the revolution today.

Get Connected

Through the use of Blockchain Technology we’ve simplified the process of investing in Gold Bullion products. ABX marketplace connects African gold producers with gold buyers all across the world. Join now and start your journey!


All gold bullion products are mined and refined in Africa which makes our gold bullion products up to 20% cheaper than European or US alternatives. It makes sense to buy direct. We can't be beaten on price.

Fair Trade

Gold producers in Africa using our platform can get better prices for their gold bullion products. This has resulted in a vast improvement in working conditions for mine workers. ABX is working towards creating an equitable eco-system in the gold industry, whilst delivering great returns for gold investors.

Earn Crypto Dividends 

ABX NFT holders can earn dividends from the profits generated from trades completed on the African Bullion Exchange Marketplace.


Dividends are distributed annually in the form of Crypto Currency to all ABX NFT holders wallets. Get in touch to find out more.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Why Invest in Gold

Inflation reduces the ‘real’ value of a currency over time. In other words, £10 today buys you less than it did 30 years ago. Gold can provide one way of protecting the ‘real’ value of your wealth against inflation. 

ABX marketplace is the gateway to investing in high margin African gold bullion products. Join us today!

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