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Our Marketplace

You can either join our platform as a buyer or seller of gold bullion products. If you’re a seller of gold bullion products the registration process is very simple. You can do so filling in the online form and providing copies of your relevant trading licences, specific to your region. Once you’ve submitted those details, your information is then verified by our legal team who conduct various due diligence checks. Its important for us to verify the credibility of our sellers. Once those checks are complete your company can then be added to an Approved Sellers List.

For buyers the process is a lot simpler. All you need to do is complete our online registration form and connect your cryptocurrency wallet to your account. Once we’ve verified your details and conducted various KYC checks you will then be added to an Approved Buyers List.

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How it Works

  1. Approved sellers post gold bullion products on the marketplace platform. 

  2. ABX Algorithm matches sellers with Approved Buyers

  3. Order is placed and paid for using Crypto and logged on the Block Chain

  4. Funds are held in ABX escrow crypto wallet pending delivery confirmation

  5. Seller delivers order to ABX Airport Depot for verification & logistics support

  6. After verification funds are released into sellers wallet

  7. Delivery to buyer completed

Listed Products

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  • 1oz Coins 999.9 FINE GOLD

  • 10oz Gold Bar Mint 999.9 FINE GOLD

  • 10g Gold Bar 999.9 FINE GOLD

  • 100g Gold Bar 999.9 FINE GOLD

  • 500g Gold Bar Mint 999.9 FINE GOLD

  • 1kg Gold Bar Mint 999.9 FINE GOLD

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Once orders are placed on the marketplace, ABX guarantees fulfilment through its logistics network. ABX has logistics depots at 4 major international airports in Africa:

  • Zimbabwe – Harare International

  • Ghana – Accra International

  • Uganda – Kampala International

  • Mali – Modibo Keita International Airport

Approved sellers deliver orders to nearest depot, ABX staff inspect the orders and dispatch them on flights to the buyer destination.  All deliveries fulfilled by ABX are fully ensured against damage or loss.

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