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Lapidary Courses

African Bullion Exchange now offers a Basic and Advanced Lapidary course which aims to instruct participants in the skills of lapidary. Participants will be taught how to unlock the true value of gemstones from classification, cutting, polishing and certification.

Once your training is complete you can apply to become a member and have full access to your local ABX workshop and it’s facilities. Continuation of membership is entirely optional after the training period, but this is the normal route to full membership and access to all our lapidary workshops.


The course consists of full instruction in the use of the ABX lapidary equipment and the practical working, to completion, of 10 – 15  stones.

Week:  1-2

Introduction to Gemology and the ABX workshop including its equipment. Initial work on creating a cabochon including shaping, grinding and dopping. With assistance, applicants will cut and shape a cabochon stones to a high finish.

Week: 3-4​

Apprentice piece. Using the techniques learned on the first 2 weeks applicants will cut, shape and polish further cabochon stones, with minimal assistance.

Week: 5-6

Gem Faceting. Trainees will be taught the art of cutting or faceting semi-precious and precious stones into wonderful sparkling gemstones. Faceting is a highly skilled craft that requires patience and attention to detail. Even a simple stone can take many hours to complete.

Week: 6-8

Apprentice piece. Using the techniques learned in weeks 5-6  applicants will facet 4 semi-precious stones, with minimal assistance.

Week: 9-10

Value Addition & Sales: Trainees will be taught how to add value to gemstones which have been cut, polished and faceted. Trainees will also be taught how to market and monetize their finished works to a global market.  

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